Time and Space


The meaning of life is in constant motion forward – Emile Zola

The following preview is of Chapter XV of INNER MAGNETS, Volume Two of our quantum fiction/magic realism quintet (recently decided as such), THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES. This is a pivotal chapter in the story, as it is the formal debut of major character, Ambrose de Ripariis, in INNER MAGNETS and the beginning of the portal storyline. This excerpt is in the POV of Ambrose.

Link to the first two books: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079VV7NM1/

The throbbing in my body evokes a sensation I had forgotten. While this is not the first time I have traversed time and space in human form, it is the first time I have done so as Ambrose. I am standing in front of the old silver scrying mirror. Once my vision clears, I see myself and David reflected in the glass. Turning around, I see him asleep on the chaise longue on the other end of the room. My heart begins to race. As I speak directly into his mind, a smile forms at the corners of his mouth. Such a balm to my heart! My soul is at ease knowing the old communication system remains eternally open.

I feel the pulsating energy on the other side of the mirror. The proximity makes this room conducive to meditation and introspection—it was designed to stimulate clairvoyance and prepare one for what lies beyond. This was my room as Aloysius, the other was Sophia’s. I have sorely missed being here. The situation between Nathaniel and I has kept me away from Beak’s End for several years. Of course, in David and Lia’s time frame, that was well over a century ago. I feel Nathaniel’s presence, and I am certain he has recently been here. This is the Nathaniel that I love, unlike the disturbing vibrations I have felt from him for so long. This was also Nathaniel’s room of predilection, and he always sensed there was more here than met the eye. Cecilia tapped into the vibration already in infancy. I remember how those dark blue eyes of hers would penetrate the scrying mirror, trying to discern what she sensed behind it.

Having regained my equilibrium, I am able to think of time from David and Lia’s perspective, even though for me it is the year 1899. Being physically here helps me to intuit their present reality. Beak’s End is full of guests, many of whom are core members of my soul family. This is where my heart yearns to be—not the anguished time in which I am now forced to live. Tapping into David’s psyche, I feel how this room is his island of tranquility amidst all the bustle leading up to the wedding.

David stirs. Silently, I speak his name. His body springs from the chaise longue, and it takes him a moment to be certain he is not dreaming. In the candle glow, I see that his eyes are pale blue. Not Daniel’s hazel eyes, but the eye color of Vericus. His face is still a poet’s face, thinner and more mystical than Daniel’s. The many scars that lay beneath the surface, and the dreams that have broken and died, give it a special beauty. He is mine, however, thus I am biased.

His undiluted joy echoes mine. My soul has had every kind of experience in this earthly dimension, but only love takes us to the next. He walks over to where I am standing in front of the scrying mirror. He has to touch my hair, my face and my clothes before he is convinced that I am truly here.

“A strikingly handsome gentleman dressed in a silver silk waistcoat, billowing white silk shirt and black trousers stands before me. I haven’t seen him for over a century, yet he hasn’t aged a day. His golden blond hair, with those rebellious locks that fall around his forehead hasn’t turned gray, his dark gray eyes still have that magnetic gaze, his fair complexion is as luminous as ever, and he remains the dearest friend and brother this man has ever had. But why do I see the traces of tears?”

“We shall cover this shortly. The tears have dried as I am presently filled with joy.”

“My senses are being flooded with memories and emotions. I don’t yet know how you are here, but I am grateful that you are. I love you beyond limits, Ambrose.”

“For us, there are no limits. Whatever we would name, it would yet be more, to quote Shakespeare.” We fall into each other’s arms. I wish to capture this moment for eternity. Our thoughts are as one. I feel his fear of losing me again, of losing Lia, of losing what we work so hard to build in this mortal life. Like me, he always felt everything too deeply to ever be completely at home in this world.

“Never leave,” he whispers. “I’ve had enough partings. I don’t want to be without you.”

“We will be together again soon, and in the meantime, take comfort, like I do, that it is impossible for us to be parted in the real sense.” His eyes tell me that love is still heavy for him though he has come a long way. We have all been brutally torn apart from those we love more times than we want to remember. I have been assured that I will be there to help him take flight when it comes time to depart this earthly dimension for good. I believe that is a privilege I asked for long ago.

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