A Welcoming

Munch Painting

“Love is the only true religion. Everything else is illusion.”

The following preview is of Chapter XII of INNER MAGNETS, Volume Two of our quantum fiction/magic realism quartet, THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES. In this chapter, the engaged protagonists David and Lia now live in Beak’s End, the epicenter of events in their lives as Daniel and Cecilia in the Victorian era, together. The below conversation is between David and his father, Gerald, taking place after David brings Lia to the farmhouse to meet his family./

Link to the first two books: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079VV7NM1/

Gerald folded his arms against his chest. “I changed your diapers, whippersnapper!”

David chortled. “Then you know I’m full of shit!”

“You said it, Dave, not me. And by the way, what is Hákarl?”

“Fermented shark—a staple of Icelandic cuisine. Oblivion played Reykjavik not too long ago. I tried Hákarl and liked it. I remember that the waitress was extremely pretty, but I didn’t feel the urge to have sex with her just because she was Icelandic.”

“Oh, come on, there’s a natural attraction to a culture different from our own.”

“I guess, but in the end, it’s about soul-to-soul connection, and that can occur between any two human beings.”

“My verdict is still out on soul-to-soul connection, and I certainly can’t bring the soul into sexual attraction—it’s animal.”

David knew he and his father were diametrically opposed on this subject. “Not for all of us. Even if you don’t believe in a soul-to-soul thing, you have to harmonize with the person inside the body and have sexual chemistry. After the excitement of an exotic package wears off, you’re either compatible or you’re not.”

“It’s not just about a different look, but a different culture and way of thinking.”

“I’d hate to think I was sleeping with someone only because she’s Icelandic or Jamaican.”

“Maybe she’s sleeping with you because you’re exotic to her as well, and you share the experience and move on. I don’t want to keep every lover. In fact, so far, your mother has been the only one I’ve wanted to keep, and she’s a girl from my own hometown. Whatever Lia did three years ago, my mind can’t process, but here you are, an engaged man. It’s lucky for you that the vibration and chemistry you wanted comes in such a lovely package.”

“I admit that I’m turned on by the inner and outer Lia. I had some epic battles with that part of my brain, but I was determined not to let it run the show—I have enough problems already. All these people who want me sexually—it’s for the wrong reasons. At least they’re the wrong reasons for me. If I’d partaken of that, I don’t think Lia and I would be together now. The media have done a job on our expectations of sex, but I somehow managed to tune it out.”

“This is coming from a guy whose underwear ads are among the most successful of all time. I’m sure your image helped to influence many people’s ideas about sex. You know how to sell it when you have to.”

“I won’t deny that I’ve used the media when it suited me. Thanks for the hypocrisy check.”

Gerald chuckled. “You know you can count on me for that.”

“It’s an even more daunting task to resist our own crap than it is the media’s.”

“Isn’t that the truth?! There have been many times I’ve been drunk on mine, but I always had you to keep me in check, not to mention your mother. I’m sure Lia won’t let you get away with any shit either—she doesn’t seem the type.”

“You should have seen how she busted my balls when I first got to New York. I want that in a partner though. I hate lip service. Whatever package she’s in—that’s my type. She awakens all my senses and takes me to a place that no one else can. She’s my Queen, my Goddess, my once and future wife, and I love her in a way language could never express.”

“Once and future wife? Daniel and Cecilia never married.”

“I was thinking of another time I’ve flashed on occasionally.”

Gerald’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me there are more installments to this story.”

“I know there are, but they’re still veiled. When those memories are meant to come to light they will. My mind is on other things right now.”

“I can see that alright. And I can tell the sex is great.”


“That’s Dave for you. He has sex for the first time and it’s ‘transcendent.’”

“It didn’t feel like the first time—I don’t know how to explain it. We take it as slowly as possible so we can savor every second, every single nuance, and sustain it for as long as possible. A few times we’ve meditated right before and it’s been amazing.”

“Wait a minute…” Gerald interrupted. “Are we talking Tantric sex? Christ, I wondered if that was even real. It’s no wonder you’re into that—you have Ambrose de Ripariis’ book by your bedside and his picture on your dresser. I know he was a major proponent of Tantric sex and sacred sexuality. I heard he was quite an enigmatic character—equal parts seducer and monk.”

“I don’t like the term seducer—that’s Malachi Cummings’ talking. When Malachi wrote about Ambrose it was with the intention of discrediting him. And Ambrose is anything but enigmatic to us. Lia and I are on the same wavelength as Ambrose on almost everything, sex included.”

“Can one really stave off an orgasm for as long as he claims?”

“The answer is yes, through meditation.”

Gerald shook his head. “The last thing I want during hot and heavy sex is to ‘meditate’!”

David laughed. “One slips into it naturally—with a like-minded partner, that is. I understand that Tantra isn’t for everybody.”

“It seems to work for you.”

“We’re just starting out, but damn right I want to sustain the pleasure for as long as possible. Deprivation is maddening when you’re living through it, but it did teach me control, and those control lessons began back when I was Daniel.”

“You were always a master at making lemonade out of lemons.”

“And those lemons often came down like hail. So, Dad, you don’t have to worry about my cock anymore. I know it was a subject of much concern to you.”

“There was a time when I was a tad concerned—yes. As I look at you now, though, I see something on your face I’ve never seen before. You must be doing something right, or Lia must be doing something right since you’re clearly worshipping at her altar.”

“We are doing something right, but I take nothing for granted. I intend to nurture our love every day.”

“I think you’ve found a new religion, Son.”

“New? Love is the only religion. Everything else is an illusion.”

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