Between the Lines of Age


“We live in castles at different times, and we also live beyond the lines, beyond the lines of time.”

The following preview is of Chapter XI of INNER MAGNETS, Volume Two of our quantum fiction/magic realism quartet,  THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES. As the video above implies, the name of this chapter is “Between the Lines of Age”, as the newly engaged protagonists, David and Lia, waltz to the classic Neil Young song across the second floor of Beak’s End.

Link to the first two books:

Once more succumbing to her magnetic pull, he seized her in his arms. Again, they made love, and this time it was even better than the time before, which had been sublime. As they cuddled in the post-coital bliss, he felt a profound sense of warmth and well-being. Every muscle in their bodies was so relaxed they found it hard to stand up, but eventually, they managed to get on their feet and put on fresh clothes. Lia looked gorgeous in a tight black u-neck sweater and faded jeans. Checking his cell, he saw that it was 9:02 PM. There was still time since it was Friday night and the family would stay up late. The music box had left him with an urge to dance, as it so often did, so he put another waltz on the stereo that fit his mood.

When they danced, they took on another form of lovemaking, and they didn’t want the lovemaking to end. It was a song his grandparents had often danced to—Neil Young’s, “Words (Between the Lines of Age)”, and it was from an album his grandfather often played the summer he lived with them when he was five. All those songs had left an indelible imprint on his heart. “Daniel and Cecilia were regarded as the best dancers of the waltz in Yorkshire,” David said, taking Lia’s hands, “so may the dance continue…”

Time disappeared as they spun around the candlelit room in perpetual circles. Never had he felt more in harmony with the rhythm of life, and he now understood why he loved this particular dance so much. As they revolved in long, flowing movements, continuously turning, he whispered to Lia, “We live in castles at different times, and we also live beyond the lines, beyond the lines of time.”

By the time they spun their way into the darkened hall, the song ended on the stereo, but it didn’t end for them. They continued to waltz their way across the second floor of the house. The only light was what filtered through the windows from the moon and stars, but they could feel their way. When at last they stopped, they felt the stillness to be unnatural.

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